Welcome to our pond

SedaliaNOW takes the oceans of information available on the internet and narrows it down to a more useful, meaningful focus. Closer to a pond than an ocean. Not what's happening in Columbia or Kansas City, but right here in Sedalia[NOW]. A place where you can find local events, professionals and organizations without having to surf the high seas of cyber space. By concentrating exclusively on the immediate Sedalia area, we offer, our neighbors, family and friends the opportunity to support local organizations and the local economy. SedaliaNOW is not just a website, it's an initiate that encourages all of us to keep our money in the local economy by shopping at our hometown businesses.

Sedalia Calendar of Events

There's so much to do in Sedalia we can't even fit it all into one calendar. Our three calendar of events include: the Community Calendar, Sites and Sounds (dedicated to musical and visual arts), and Fun & Sun (dedicated to outdoor recreation).

Business directory and organization dictory

SedaliaNOW is proud to support organizations, businesses, service providers and artisans of all kinds in our hometown.SedaliaNOW Central is the heart of our community network. We encourage you to shop locally and keep your money here, in our community and get involved!!

Sedalia Showcase classifieds

SedaliaNOW offers local business and organizations the opportunity to have an online presence that will be seen by the most relevant people - the people of our pond. SedaliaNOW is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business without having to take your chances in the high seas of cyber space.